Aerial & Maritime Ltd. to scale up ADS-B data nanosatellite network – secures additional 5,0 million USD funding 16-11-2017 - 15:45

Aerial & Maritime Ltd (”A&M”) has secured an investment of 5,0 million USD from a group of investors to scale up the nanosatellite network from 4 to 8 satellites offering near real-time ADS-B and AIS data for airline and ship tracking in the equatorial region. The company has now secured a total funding of 12,2 million USD. ... Read more

GomSpace-owned Aerial & Maritime closes first big deal 30-03-2017 - 14:00

Aerial & Maritime today signed a significant deal with Spanish AISTECH Srl regarding the exchange of data that gives both companies a virtually global tracking possibility of airplanes and ships. ... Read more

GomSpace enters a turn-key contract with Aerial & Maritime Ltd 22-12-2016 - 08:51

December 21, 2016 – GomSpace ApS (”GomSpace”) and Aerial & Maritime Ltd (”A&M”) both subsidiaries of GS Sweden AB (the ”Company”) have entered into a turn-key delivery contract, whereas GomSpace will design, deliver, launch and commission a constellation of satellites into a low-inclination Equatorial orbit. The delivery of the satellites and launch will take place in 2018. The contract has a value of approximately USD 6.0 million. ... Read more

Aerial & Maritime Ltd. and Flightradar24 AB enters into comprehensive Business Cooperation Agreement. 20-12-2016 - 09:00

December 20, 2016 - Aerial & Maritime Ltd (”A&M”) a subsidiary of GS Sweden AB (”GomSpace” or the ”Company”) has entered a business cooperation agreement with the Swedish company Flightradar24 AB (”FR24”). A&M and FR24 intend to jointly identify new business opportunities and secure new customers and partnerships within a joint flight data service. ... Read more