Satellite-based Tracking Services

Satellite-based Tracking Services

We offer a nanosatellite-based solution for monitoring aircrafts and maritime vessels in a region spanning from 37 Degrees Northern through 37 Degrees Southern Latitude.
Our primary offerings are Next-Generation enabled ADS-B and AIS services for monitoring aircraft and maritime vessels respectively.


We offer real-time/near real-time monitoring of ADS-B signals from commercial aircraft in a broad swath around the Equator with data delivered directly to the user in an agreed format.

We offer to keep track on carrier fleets, deliver situational awareness to ANSPs and other authorities and assist with seamless billing of over flight charges in cooperation with our partners.

Our ADS-B data will be available from Q2 2018 in time for our clients to meet ICAOs 15-minute mandate.


We offer real-time/near real-time monitoring of AIS-signals from commercial vessels between 37N and 37S Latitude.

We offer to keep track on vessels for ship owners, traders, shipbrokers, logistics companies and many other customers.

We also offer customised solutions to deliver advanced situational maritime awareness to maritime authorities worldwide in cooperation with our partners.

Cutting Edge

We utilise state-of-the-art nanosatellite technology and onboard monitoring systems that has been proven in space delivered by our experienced partner, GomSpace, to deliver top-quality data at very competitive prices directly to the customer.


We are standing by to answer your questions and to give you a presentation of our services and capabilities. Please use the contact form (link) to make an appointment with us.

Aerial & Maritime Ltd. to scale up ADS-B data nanosatellite network – secures additional 5,0 million USD funding

Aerial & Maritime Ltd (”A&M”) has secured an investment of 5,0 million USD from a group of investors to scale up the nanosatellite network from 4 to 8 satellites offering near real-time ADS-B and AIS data for airline and ship tracking in the equatorial region. The company has now secured a total funding of 12,2 million USD.

GomSpace-owned Aerial & Maritime closes first big deal

Aerial & Maritime today signed a significant deal with Spanish AISTECH Srl regarding the exchange of data that gives both companies a virtually global tracking possibility of airplanes and ships.

GomSpace enters a turn-key contract with Aerial & Maritime Ltd

December 21, 2016 – GomSpace ApS (”GomSpace”) and Aerial & Maritime Ltd (”A&M”) both subsidiaries of GS Sweden AB (the ”Company”) have entered into a turn-key delivery contract, whereas GomSpace will design, deliver, launch and commission a constellation of satellites into a low-inclination Equatorial orbit. The delivery of the satellites and launch will take place in 2018. The contract has a value of approximately USD 6.0 million.

Aerial & Maritime Ltd. and Flightradar24 AB enters into comprehensive Business Cooperation Agreement.

December 20, 2016 - Aerial & Maritime Ltd (”A&M”) a subsidiary of GS Sweden AB (”GomSpace” or the ”Company”) has entered a business cooperation agreement with the Swedish company Flightradar24 AB (”FR24”). A&M and FR24 intend to jointly identify new business opportunities and secure new customers and partnerships within a joint flight data service.